Mini Feature Roundup (Part 1)

As many of you know, I am an admin for the feature page Black Cat Features @blackcatfeatures on Instagram. One of my favorite parts of being on IG as a BCF admin is getting to interview so many amazing mini panthers, many of which have turned out to become good furriends of mine 🙂

I wanted to put the spotlight on these panthers to show my appreciation for all of them, so this article is going to introduce 19 of the black cats (in no particular order) that I have done a Mini Feature for since I joined BCF in 2019.

I reached out to each cat and asked them, “What makes you special?”

Here are their answers and links to their Instagram pages if you want to check them out!

Mini Feature Roundup Part 1

Black cat in grass


“One thing that makes Wednesday special is that she is a true gryffindor and warrior and never gives up. If she sets her mind on something she can do it.” – @wednesdaythefipwarrior


“I’d say one thing that makes me special is my boss attitude that I incorporated into my mom’s brand 😸 I’m the attitude behind it all and she even lets me sign her magazines she is on the cover of!” – @guitargracie


“The thing that makes me super special is my ability to always put a smile on my hoomins faces, even when they are having bad, stormy days!” @blackcat_appreciation


“One thing that makes me special is really funny actually: I will come to the iPhone sound ‘Chimes’ from anywhere, whether I’m in the house or far away outside. Its like I’m being summoned by the sound of the chimes. It’s usually how my pawrents find me, and sometimes they have to walk around outside for a while playing ‘the chimes’. People probably think they’re weird. That’s also why my name is Peter Chimes! 😸😸😹😹” – @catboypete

Fun fact: Pete was my first ever Mini Feature with BCF!


“Well I’m special because I’m a FeLV kitty but still loving life and living it to the full 🙂” – @chibi_felvcat_nz


“One thing that makes me special is my friendly personality, I love everyone I meet and tend to be very vocal about it 😹 I’m definitely not a shy kitty!” @_mercutio_the_voidcat


“There are so many things that make me special. I think it would be my voice. Sometimes when its real quiet in the house I will go in the room no one is in and say “kiko!” In this high pitched voice. I know other cats that will go somewhere and meow, but I don’t know any that say kiko. I think that is something that makes me special. But there are many other things too. My mom thinks it might be my real name.” – @the.queen.of.sheba

Sundown and PrimeTime

“We’re the lights of our mom’s life 🖤” – @sundownandprimetime


“The epic grouchy faces I make. I’m a happy kitty that doesn’t show it.” – @catnipchaos


“Something that makes me special is that I LOVE taking my pawrents on walks!! Hoomans need their exercise too, and it’s fun to walk with them around the neighborhood and in the woods! 🐾🐾🐾” – @galaxykitters

Saint Raphael

“What makes me special is that I’m secretly a furry snake with legs. I’m suuuuuper long.” – @saintraphaelthecat


“I think my constant trilling makes me special!! Mama says she’s never heard that before. I do ALL the time.” – @voodoo.the.blackcat


“One thing that makes me special is that I don’t meow, I only squeak and trill! Mom has tried to teach me but to no avail I just don’t like to do it LOL.” – @cleotheblackcat_


“My mom always says my purr makes me special!! It’s super loud, and sometimes I purr with anticipation of being pet or given attention. It’s nothing special for a cat to love attention, but it’s special the way I show it.” – @oswinthecat


“One thing that makes me special is how much I love my toys and playing fetch with all of them, even after surgery my priority was to find my fav ball and toss it around. Even in the middle of the night I drop my mouse on pawrents faces demanding some attention, and of course mommy palys along even if its 3 am 😹” – @blackballelle

Kitty Biscuit

“One thing that makes me special is that I can sense when my momma is sad or not feeling well. When I get the feeling that something is not right, I do what I can to comfort and give her extra love ❤️” – @kittybcbus


“The one thing that makes me special? 🖤 I’m really really good at taking care of my Human! 🖤😻 (And, of course I bring luck🍀 into this world…)🐾” – @oskarinstacat


“I think one thing that makes me special is that even when it’s -22 outside and there’s snow on the ground I still force my hoomans to take me outside 😹😹” – @the_hiking_cat_


“I guess one thing that makes me special is…my one white whisker that never seems to fall off? 😂” – @siriusly__lilykins

Be sure to check out their pages and give them a follow if you like what you see! Stay tuned for part two in a few weeks 😸

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