I was born on April 19th in Ukraine…

My purrents were looking for a kitten to adopt when they found an ad for me online. I was just a tiny kitty, maybe two months old. My Siamese mother was adopted from the pound and to the surprise of her new purrents, she had kittens a few weeks later.

When my purrents went to meet me, it was love at first sight. My dad carried me in his hands on the subway and bus all the way home, and that’s where our story begins.

I adore my purrents, but I like to boss them around. I’m a Sheba queen and I also love Whiskas. My favorite activities include harassing my purrents when they’re trying to work or sleep, begging for more food, and playing with trash.

Soon, I will be making a journey to live in Texas (where my mom is from). You can keep up with my journey through my blog. My mom also enjoys making artwork, including pet edits on her spare time (but I take alll the credit 😼) if you want to check that out. Oh, and I’m a big deal on Instagram, so follow me there @cathy_permakitten.