My Review of Cat Lady Academy Coaching and Pitch Purrfect Bundle

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Cat Lady Academy is an account that teaches you how to improve your Instagram performance and helps you stay in the loop on social media updates. It’s run by Nikki who is also the mom and manager of the very successful @mannyhalloweencat account. 

Ever since I learned that she offers courses and coaching sessions, I knew that I wanted to get one. 

I ended up with the Pitch Purrfect bundle and a level 2 Purrsonal Coaching session, which I will review here. 

The Pitch Purrfect bundle is a guide to pitching your proposals to work with brands. This includes sponsorships, free products, affiliate programs, and more. The Purrsonal Coaching provides a review of your account and how to improve it, and in the level 2 that I purchased, it also includes answers to three of your biggest IG questions. 

I’m going to briefly dive into what my experience was like and what you can expect if you get the Pitch Purrfect bundle or the level 2 Purrsonal Coaching session. 

Pitch Purrfect Bundle Review

The Pitch Purrfect bundle comes with five documents to walk you through the process of pitching to brands. 

Included in your bundle is a guide to optimizing your account before making the pitch, a pitch template that you can use to reach out to brands, tips and partnership ideas, best practices, and more tips for following up with brands to keep them coming back. 

I have never pitched to a brand before in my life, but the information was very thorough and super easy for me to follow and understand. In other words, the content in this package is 100% beginner friendly! 

Like I said, I’m still working on step 1 – optimizing my account to make it a little bit more desirable to brands – but I’m fully confident that I will know what I’m doing when it comes time to make the pitch. 

If you would like to work with brands for free products or sponsorships and have never pitched before, this guide will tell you EXACTLY what to do. 

Even if you have reached out to brands before, this bundle can still help you do it better and improve your success rate. 

I give this product a solid 5 stars (out of 5 stars!) for sheer beginner friendliness, clarity, and helpfulness ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

You can purchase yours at

Purrsonal Coaching Level 2 Review

I have a lot to say about this one because I could NOT believe the value that I got with this coaching session. The price is a bargain, to say the least, for the level of personalized analysis that goes into each coaching session. 

Nikki takes an in-depth look at your page to give you a general overview of what you’re doing well, what you could do better, and any opportunities that you might be overlooking. 

My mom works in content marketing which includes some social media work, and Nikki made SO many points that my mom had never considered before. 

There were quite a few things that I didn’t know that I was doing “wrong” in the sense that I wasn’t sticking to best practices, and I’m working on fixing them now. 

One of the coolest parts about the level 2 coaching session is that I got to ask Nikki 3 questions. These can be questions about followers, sponsorships, likes, views, engagements…anything that you’ve ever been wondering about and haven’t quite figured out. 

For example, you could ask:

  • How can I get more likes?
  • Why aren’t people seeing my posts? 
  • How often should I post? 
  • How do I get more followers? 
  • How can I start making money?

And she will give you answers about how you specifically can tackle these issues using your particular set of strengths. 

My meowm was blown away by the quality and attention to detail that Nikki put into the coaching session. We could not recommend it more if you have set goals for your Instagram account. 

At $49 it is an absolute STEAL. We’d put a value on it in the $1,000s and that is not an exaggeration. Nikki knows what she’s doing and you’re not going to find anyone who’s going to help you grow your account at those prices anywhere else. 

We rate the coaching sessions 5 stars out of 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Have you purchased a course or coaching session from Cat Lady Academy? Share your experience with me in the comments! 

Be sure to give @catladyacademy a follow on Instagram for all the latest IG page optimization tips, and visit her website at!

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