Can You Use Rice As Kitty Litter?

I know. It’s weird.

But if you’re ever in a bind and wondering if you can use rice as kitty litter, the answer is yes!

As with many great discoveries, I discovered that rice can be a good substitute for kitty litter completely by accident. Here’s what drove me to this in the first place.

The Emergency

It was four in the morning and my mom began hearing what sounded like rain on our roof. This would be a pleasant sound if we didn’t have neighbors living above us. Next thing we knew, water was dripping out of the corners of the living room and the leak became more and more intense with every passing minute. Soon, the leaks were everywhere and water began spilling out of the recessed light fixtures. It was like a downpour inside our home. No exaggeration.

I wasn’t too fond of the water, so I stayed out on the balcony where it was dry while my mom ran around trying to put bowls under all the leaks. Needless to say, the bowls weren’t enough. My dad finally called it and said we had to leave NOW.

My purrents grabbed all of our things and after wrestling me into my carrier 😾, we left the apartment.

We were fortunate enough to still be renting our old apartment (just in case the new one didn’t work out), so we went there.

I was SO happy to be back in my old home. I ran back and forth rediscovering all my old favorite hiding spots and purred all night on my old cat tree. Nevermind that my mom had the flu and couldn’t make any tea. I was happy!

But being that they had to flee in the night to the old house, my mom was worried that I wouldn’t have a place to use the bathroom.

As she ransacked our supplies, she stumbled upon a small bag of rice hidden in our quarantine emergency stash and got the idea to use that as litter. She found an old cardboard box, lined it with a plastic shopping bag, filled in the rice, and hoped I’d pee in there and not somewhere else.

As it turns out, I used the rice as my litter box several times until they were able to buy me a new box and some standard litter. So, furriends, if you’re ever in a bind and don’t have any litter on hand – some rice should do the trick!

Rice as kitty litter: my review

Rice as kitty litter review
Rice as kitty litter

Rice is very messy and can quickly get everywhere. It might also attract bugs that like to eat grains.

On the flip side, it was similar enough to regular litter for me to understand that I could go to the bathroom there. It’s also good at absorbing urine, but it doesn’t do much to block out the smell (though neither does my standard litter because we don’t buy the kind with the fancy deodorants).

I used the bathroom several times and knew that it was my litter box, even though it wasn’t the same litter or the same box. My best advice is to put the box where you always put the litter box if you’re in a familiar environment. If you’re not in a familiar environment, try to introduce your cat to the litter space so that they know where it is. Most likely, that will be the most suitable spot for them to use the bathroom.

In summary, rice is perfect for emergencies and may be a good option for long-term use if you think it’s better or cheaper than traditional kitty litter. Personally, I’ll stick to the real stuff, but it’s good to know that rice is an option if I ever run out.

Have you ever used rice as litter? Let me know in the comments!

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